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Winter makeup for the autumn type of beauty

winter makeup

We usually associate winter with cold colors, sparkling snow, as well as the ubiquitous gray. Can autumn beauty types with a sunny hair and freckled faces find their place in this scenery? It turns out that makeup trends for the winter are simply created for owners of typical autumn complexions.

Typical autumn – a well matched winter makeup

Autumn is a Warm type of beauty. Red, brown, chestnut, warm blond and copper hair are full of sunny and orange reflections, and the bright complexion is decorated with freckles that don’t disappear even during winter. Peach and coral lips stand out from alabaster or olive skin. Because the natural colors of autumn are quite expressive, people with this type of beauty don’t need strong colored cosmetics, which, on the other hand, doesn’t mean that they should get rid of them. Both during autumn and winter they can choose delicate or Contrast makeup.

Winter colors – fall colors

Autumn types of beauty are best presented in autumn. But why only then? Natural, intense and fiery colors of the season are a beautiful background for red hair, freckles and fair complexion. But winter, especially in colorful makeup, also perfectly complements the beauty of Autumn redheads.

A well-done winter makeup contains lightening and reflective shadows, pearly shine, pastel lip glosses and lipsticks. Trendy and always good-looking colors in winter makeup are mostly gold, bronze and copper, so everything that naturally combines with autumn type beauty. In addition, violet, dark green, intense pink are also present in the canon of winter colors.

winter makeup

Remember, if you have this kind of beauty, keep your winter makeup warm. Use peach or apricot lipsticks, as well as lipsticks in shades of pleasant pink. A warm blush or bronzer should also be present on your cheeks. The eyes can be in shades of beige, glittering, flesh, nude, as well as purple, green, pink, brown, copper.

Beige and slightly brown eye shadows are best used during the day, and more intense eyelid colors work best in the evening, when the winter weather doesn’t give them such a high contrast. Even in winter, autumn types can emphasize their lips with red lipstick, as far as its shade is not too overwhelming.

What colors in winter makeup should be avoided for autumn type of beauty? Winter’s fashionable silver, shades of gray and graphite, as well as white gold, will be unfavorable. Watch out for dark blue as it usually has cold tones. Autumn doesn’t look very good in pure white and classic black, although these colors, especially this winter, are extremely popular.

Healthy makeup for the winter

Makeup in winter should not only have a beauty but also protective function. Autumn types of beauty often have a sensitive, fair complexion, which is why they should use cosmetics that properly lubricate and bind to water. It’s not recommended to cover imperfections with classic loose powder, or even more with a heavy matting foundation.

A much better choice will be light fluids with an oily consistency, pressed powder or mineral one, as well as mousses, even if we associate these cosmetics with summer. In winter, the lips can also suffer, due to rapid temperature changes dry quickly and become irritated. Lipsticks with the addition of waxes or vaseline-based butter or natural raw butter, e.g. shea or cocoa, will be much better for them in the winter.

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