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Solar nail polishes – a new alternative to hybrid and traditional manicure

solar nail polish

Traditional nail polishes are not very durable, and hybrid manicure is associated with higher costs and a greater number of accessories needed for its implementation. If we also see this type of defect, our expectations can be met by solar varnish. How to apply it and what can we expect from it? Solar polishes are becoming more and more popular.

A combination of classics and hybrids

Solar varnishes are gaining on recognition. So far, only few brands make them. They certainly deserve attention, especially if you prefer to have your manicure done home, or you often paint your nails and don’t like the costs associated with getting a professional manicure.

Solar nail polish can be used everywhere. We don’t need additional manicure accessories for that. Although this type of varnish combines the properties of traditional and polish, We won’t need a UV / LED lamp. We can use any type of base and top, and the varnish can be easily washed off with the usual nail polish remover, even without acetone.

Sounds simple? Add to this that Solar varnishes have longer durability compared to traditional ones. Of course, the hybrids are a bit more resistant to damage, however, the manufacturer promises to maintain the effect even for 10 days, without chipping or scratches.

With strong, well degreased nails, and after applying base and top, the durability of such varnish can be a really nice surprise. Solar varnishes also dry faster than common polishes due to hardening thanks to daylight. Drying is possible due to the content of photoinitiators. In other words, solar varnish is the one that Dries thanks to the sunlight.

The hybrid effect is visible mainly in gloss, but we can also count on an even distribution and extremely good coverage. If we care about gloss, the best effect is provided by a special solar top, which formula is based on the same solar technology. It is worth mentioning that the solar polishes will aesthetically cover the hybrid if we do not have time to wash it off or we cannot refresh the nails in the salon.

solar nail polish

Solar polishes – how does it look in practice?

The solar nail polish is slightly more expensive than the classic one. Before using it, you should wash off any residuals of old color, degrease and clean nails, remove cuticles and even the plate. First apply the base, then a layer of polish, if necessary, a second one, and finish the manicure with a Single layer of topcoat. After about 7-8 minutes, the varnish will be completely dry.

As a result, we will get a fairly durable manicure without splinters. The hybrid’s gloss will look even better because even two layers of solar varnish still provide thin, delicate coverage, while hybrid varnishes often cover nails with a very thick layer, which usually looks fake and not very aesthetic.

How to extend durability of the manicure?

Regardless of whether we use solar or ordinary varnish, we can extend their durability with a few steps. The first step is to check the Condition of your nails. On weak and thin ones, poorly nourished, or even dirty nails, the polish will not last too long. Secondly, our manicure will be stronger if we use a transparent base (this will also protect the surface from discoloration) and finish the whole with a covering top.

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