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Rose petals – how to use them for body care and for cooking?

rose petals

Rose petals have plenty of interesting and helpful properties that are worth learning. Once we do, we will never again just throw away a withered rose bouquet like that – that would be wasteful. The reason is because even dry roses can be successfully used for different body care and spa treatments. When still fresh, on the other hand, they can be eaten or used in preserves.

Roses in the bathtub and more – the properties of rose petals

The rose has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. The cosmetics that contain its extracts are used for sensitive and acne skin care. Rose tonic and rose water alleviate reddening and eczema, rejuvenate and moisturize the complexion, help maintain even coloration of it, level out discolorations. Thanks to its high content of antioxidants, the rose leaves skin fresh and bright, which is why cosmetics that contain it improve the look of gray and tired face skin.

The rose is also perfect for dry and mature skin, as it adds elasticity, tightens and stimulates collagen production. It owes those properties to vitamins A, C and E, as well as numerous flavonoids and tannins. The rose oil is helpful in alleviating skin lesions and has a positive impact on healing wounds and abrasions. The rose essential oil, on the other hand, relaxes and calms down with its Anti-stress action.

But what if we don’t have rose cosmetics at our disposal, and just fresh or dried petals? The first thing to come to our mind would certainly be a rose petal bath. Such bath will above all have relaxing benefits. It will make the skin softer and more cleansed. If we only want to devote a little more attention to our rose petals, it’s a good idea to consider a homemade rose tonic.

In order to prepare it, we pour apple vinegar over the petals and put it in a dark place for a least a couple of days. After that time, we strain the vinegar, dilute it in water in a ratio of our choice (a sensitive skin tonic can be mixed with a higher amount of water), we can add a spoon of glycerin. We use the tonic for our daily care, for day and night.

Dry rose petals, on the other hand, can be submerged in our hand-made (or not) body scrub. We make the scrub out of brown sugar and coconut oil. If we have it, we add a few drops of rose oil (macerate or essential oil).

rose petals

Roses in cooking

Fresh rose petals in a salad are still perceived by many of us as something pretty Extravagant-looking. Most of us also deny ever having tasted roses in any form, even though we are very familiar with the taste of rose preserves for example! From where? Mostly from a bakery or confectionery, where we have consumed a pastry with classic Rose filling more than once. Rose preserves and jams blended with sugar and with lemon juice added especially taste heavenly during winter when added to our favorite tea.

Another thing to warm us up that time of the year is rose petal tincture as well as thick and sweet Rose syrup. The rose water, on the other hand, can be found in numerous recipes for desserts from the oriental cuisine. We can also use it to flavor cakes and desserts of our own design. Last but not least, dried rose petals make a very fitting component of fruit, green or herbal teas.

Where to get rose petals?

The go-to places to buy dried rose petals are Herbal shops, coffee&tea shops and healthy food stores. They are also offered by cosmetics shops that sell both premade cosmetics and half-finished products to make your own creams. If we’re looking for fresh roses, on the other hand, we need to make sure if the flowers of our choice haven’t been previously sprayed and were grown away from the influence of toxic conditions, such as car fumes near roads.

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