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Tea extracts in anti-aging cosmetics

properties of teas

Tea is one of the most valuable plant materials we have access to. In our everyday life we use mainly its taste and health-promoting qualities, but also its cosmetic properties are worthy of attention. What is the role of tea extracts in cosmetics? Can we prepare cosmetics with tea ourselves?

The rejuvenating properties of teas

Both the health-promoting and cosmetic effects of tea are mainly due to its rich content of flavone compounds, i.e. plant active substances with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Flavonoids (flavored compounds) are one of the strongest antioxidants.

Tea contains significant amounts of catechins, which are the most assimilable and strongly antioxidant flavonoids. The effect of catechins on the skin is very beneficial – they prevent its flaccidity, firm it, stimulate microcirculation and reduce free radicals. All these properties make the Tea extracts are used mainly in firming, elasticizing and anti-wrinkle cosmetics.

Tea extracts of green, white or black tea can be used in cosmetics by holders of any skin type. However, they are especially recommended for mature, dry, atrophic and tired skin. Tea as an antibacterial substance will also have a normalising effect on oily and acne-prone skin.

Apart from catechins, the tea also contains theine, the tea equivalent of caffeine, which stimulates lymphatic drainage and is very helpful in fighting cellulite. The most thein contains green tea varieties, and red tea is famous for its fat burning.

Tea contained in cosmetics also helps to protect the skin of the body and face from the harmful effects of sunlight, strengthens blood vessels, stimulates subcutaneous circulation and eliminates signs of fatigue.

properties of teas

Properties of white tea

Good quality teas prevent collagen loss and weakening of elastin fibres. According to research, green and white tea are most effective in this matter. White tea is far less popular than black and green tea. And yet it has the strongest antioxidant effect. For this reason, white tea extracts are often found in Anti-aging cosmetics.

White tea is also sometimes called the Youth tea elixir. This tea has not only rejuvenating, but also moisturizing and soothing properties. What is important, regular drinking of white tea has high preventive potential in terms of cancer prevention.

Tea packs under eyes and tea rinses

The easiest way to refresh your eyesight and get rid of Dark circles under your eyes? Compresses from tea, for example green. To prepare them, just dip the cotton pads in a cooled tea and put them on your eyelids.

In turn, black tea can be used as a rinse for dark hair. Simply brew a tea bag for this purpose, then dilute the resulting decoction in a liter of water and rinse the washed hair with it. The black tea decoction strengthens and refreshes the colour of both naturally dark and coloured hair.

Tea oils

Tea oil, e.g. the tea tree oil known to many amateurs of herbal medicine and aromatherapy, is excellent for soothing acne changes. It has a strong antibacterial effect. However, this oil should be used in moderation and never applied directly on the skin, as it can dry it out strongly and even irritate. The exception is the spot application, on individual pimples.

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