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Paste from tamanu oil and turmeric – an effective method for acne and pimples

paste from tamanu oil and turmeric

Each of us has our methods to get rid of unwanted surprises on our faces. Individual pimples and acne are often attacked with pharmacy preparations or ointments. But homemade methods work best and are much cheaper. Today we present turmeric and tamanu oil paste.

Natural weapon for pimples

Paste from tamanu oil and turmeric is a veritable tame of imperfection. Both products solo are irreplaceable in the treatment of adverse skin changes. Here, we combine them and use them in a single spot, For single pimples. The paste is thick, it smells quite intense and can get dirty, but we will quickly forget about these shortcomings when we know its immediate effect. After just one application, the lesions decrease and become milder, and the next day they are barely visible. Why such paste properties?

Turmeric has an Anti-inflammatory effect

Turmeric is a root that looks almost identical to ginger root. Under the skin, however, it isn’t white, but intensely yellow-orange. It’s an indispensable spice in Indian cuisine, it gives unique colour to dishes and curry mixes. It’s also considered a superfood, due to its rich health-promoting properties. Turmeric purifies and reduces free radicals, has an Anti-inflammatory and even analgesic effect.

All thanks to the curcumin, a strong antioxidant from the polyphenol group. Used in cosmetics, turmeric is an ingredient of cosmetics to even out skin tone, soothe irritation, designed for sensitive, acne and delicate skin.

paste from tamanu oil and turmeric

Tamanu oil for skin therapy and regeneration

The tree from which tamanu oil is extracted grows in the Pacific islands and in southeaster Asia. In these areas, it has been used for centuries to Regenerate skin after burns, diseases and infections. The oil also protects against the drying winds. Tamanu is nowadays used against various skin changes, from discoloration to eczema and acne.

It has soothing, firming, elasticizing, calming, moisturizing, anti-edema, antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory and, above all, regenerating properties. It is used to treat burns, ulcers and scars. It is very effective in regenerating scars, because it stimulates the growth of skin cells and even out the colour.

Thanks to the fact that tamanu oil Moisturizes the skin, but does not grease it, it can be used in the treatment of acne changes and temporary eczemas. Its characteristic feature is an intense salt-spicy scent, slightly resembling the smell of soup spice. However, you can get used to it, especially as one application of tamanu oil quickly deals with pimples. Many say that this oil with the skin directly works wonders. Interestingly, it can also be applied to herpes.

Turmeric and tamanu – double the force

We’ll make a paste of powdered turmeric and tamanu in a few moments. Pour turmeric to the bottom of a bowl or small jar as needed. In the case of spots, single changes, up to 1/4 of a teaspoon is enough. Then add a few drops of tamanu oil and a little bit of natural yoghurt to improve the consistency. Mix everything with a cosmetic brush and apply to the pimples.

You can apply the paste overnight if you are not afraid of getting your bedding dirty, or during the day if you are not planning to go out. The application can be repeated several times, and after a day the imperfections will be significantly smaller. After two, maximum three days they Will disappear for good.

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