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Natural hair bleaching – no dye

natural hair bleaching

Colouring your hair gives an immediate and concrete effect. But if you want to take a break from classic colouring and Lighten your hair naturally or bring out sunny reflections, check out home methods. Lemon, honey, chamomile or maybe rhubarb?

Natural ways to lighten up – for whom?

The Blond colour rejuvenates the image and gives it energy. Many women dream of this colour, but don’t want to interfere so much with their hair structure. Lightening your hair with classic colouring is probably the most harmful type of colouring. Therefore, if we can, it’s much better to opt for natural hair bleaching, home-based bleaching. Of course, such treatments are not effective for everyone.

Brunettes and dark-haired women will not get their dream effect even after regular hair care treatments. They are rather suitable for owners of hair of various shades of blonde, nutty, red or light brown. Lightening will be rather gentle. We can expect Golden reflections, sunshine and extraction of natural blonde strands. Home bleaching can also be a good starting point for Natural coloring. When using the following methods, remember that natural cosmetics can be allergenic.

Lemon rinse in hair lightening

Lemon really helps to lighten up your hair and also gives it shine and closes the scales. But its use in this care area also has its drawbacks. Firstly, lemon can lighten hair unevenly and secondly, it can dry it out considerably. The risk of this effect is minimized by diluting the Lemon with water. It is best to remember immediately that the juice cannot be used in its usual concentrated form.

A classic rinse or addition of lemon juice to a mist will do the job well. If we add a few drops of glycerin to the cosmetic, we can avoid drying the strands. An alternative to natural lemon is to use “lemon” – a ready-made lemon juice, to be bought in a bottle in most shops. Such “lemon” is already a safer solution and often contains conditioning and moisturizing glucose.

natural hair bleaching

Honey to lighten the hair

The use of lemon in hair lightening is not very problematic. Another effective but slightly more burdensome method is to lighten the hair with honey. Honey, especially the one diluted with water, releases molecules of hydrogen peroxide, a compound which is the basis of all professional bleaches and oxidized water (which, nota bene, is also used for bleaching). This phenomenon occurs as a result of the breakdown of glucose and the accompanying bee enzymes.

As with lemon, rinse will be best for your hair. To do this, dissolve about Two tablespoons of honey in 500 ml of warm water and mix thoroughly. Then foam will form, which will prove that hydrogen peroxide has been released. And also that we have bought real honey.

Frequent use of honey on your hair can dry it out. After the honey rinse, your hair will probably also be spongy and unruly, so you need to apply a smoothing conditioner to it and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Herbs to lighten up

Camomile is the most famous of the herbs in the care of light and blonde hair. But also rhubarb, has similar properties. We apply rhubarb to hair in the form of a mask, previously boiling the root and blending it into a Smooth mass. Apply the mask to clean and wet hair, wrap it in foil and towel, and rinse after about 40 minutes.

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