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Keratin for hair – how does it work and is it worth using?


Keratin treatments provide relief to hair damaged from straightening, curling or highlighting. With use of cosmetics that in their composition include the natural Hair-building ingredient that is a protein in form of keratin, your hair will regain its glow, natural shine and silky softness. You’re fighting for your long hair? Say goodbye to scissors and get yourself keratin-based cosmetics.

What is this treatment about?

Shiny, smooth and healthy hair is a dream of every woman. Sadly, dyeing, styling or simply unfavorable mother nature make it hard to achieve perfect results despite using different products. Meanwhile, there is one quick way that ensures hair like in a commercial. We’re talking about keratin straightening, of course.

Keratin hair straightening consists of literally pressing keratin into hair, which is a protein that constitutes its natural building material. A special preparation is applied to hair, then they are straightened using high temperature (446 °F). The heat causes hair cuticles to open up and then the keratin penetrates into all the gaps. As a result, the strands get deeply nourished and smoothened.

Whom is it for and whom is it not for?

It is without a doubt not a treatment for the kind of women who expect results in form of spectacular hair straightening. The results of the treatment won’t stay for long in case of frequent visits to a swimming pool, as well as when their proper care isn’t maintained. On top of that, the treatment is rather pointless for women who very often dye and highlight their hair.

The treatment will work great, however, for those ladies who struggle with strands of constantly frizzy and flyaway hair – after applying it, the problems become a thing of the past. The hair is definitely easier to style, dries faster, becomes smoother, full of glow and simply healthier, because keratin – as everyone knows – makes an important “ingredient” of hair that contributes greatly to its condition and look.


How to take care of hair after keratin straightening?

Professionally done keratin hair straightening is not enough in itself. The smoothening effect can last for up to half a year, but only if we take proper care of it. It is not just the first few days that are incredibly important but also proper care afterwards.

For the first 48-72 hours after straightening we shouldn’t wash, wet or tie the hair. Otherwise, it will release the keratin fast or get severely deformed. Unfortunately, we have to accept the fact that our hair Won’t look very fresh, which makes it better to pick the days when we don’t need to leave the house.

We need to avoid products that include silicones, SLS and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), salt (Sodium Chloride) and alcohol. Contrary to a popular belief, this particular requirement isn’t that much difficult. Which makes the time after the treatment a perfect opportunity to switch to more natural and eco-friendly hair care.

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