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Healthy hair drying – blow-dryer or naturally?

healthy hair drying

Hair drying seems quite a mundane issue, but what method we choose can affect the condition of our hair and even our health. Hot blow-drying is generally thought to be harmful. Is it always? What are the pros and cons of natural hair drying?

Healthy hair drying – hairdryer doesn’t always destroy hair

There are many guides to help you to limit blow-drying your hair as much as possible, as this method affects the appearance and health of your hair. Hair can frizz and a storm of untamed strands often forms on your head. Most importantly, however, the hot air from the Hair dryer destroys and dries hair, especially the hair ends.

Those with weak and dry hair are advised not to use a hairdryer and to at least choose to dry your hair naturally, without using it, if possible. However, it is worth remembering that natural drying of hair is not always good and the adverse effects of mechanical drying can be minimized.

The method of hair drying and its appearance

By drying your hair with a hairdryer you can expect your hair to be more bouncy and lifted. This will increase the volume of your hair optically. It can also be stiffer and harder to comb after blow-drying. To prevent this from happening, apply conditioning or moisturising treatments to the ends of your hair, which will weigh them down accordingly. The same result can be achieved by skipping Blow-drying your hair ends. In addition, you can spray the whole hair with a heat protector to protect it from the destructive effects of heat. Such a procedure will also make it easier for us to comb our hair.

healthy hair drying

Drying without the use of a hairdryer helps your hair to arrange itself naturally, which is welcome for owners of waves and curls (drying with a hairdryer gently straightens up). Hair is then loose and less tangled.

It’s also more heavy and moisturised. Depending on the type of hair, however, it may appear clumsy or even greasy. If you have thick, heavy and thick hair, natural blow-drying can have this effect. Naturally fine and fragile hair will look better.

Natural drying and health

To dry your hair without using the hairdryer, you must first squeeze it thoroughly from the excess water in the towel (without rubbing). You can then comb your hair and wait for it to dry by itself. This usually takes a few hours depending on the thickness and length of the hair and the current indoor temperature. The current season is also of great importance here. In late spring and summer, hair dries much faster.

Often we don’t even think about using a hairdryer and the hair is already half-dry. Wet hair around your shoulders also gives you at least temporary relief during the heat. However, we warn against going to bed with wet hair. Moist hair in contact with the pillow is more exposed to Micro-damage. In the morning we won’t be satisfied with the look of our hair – wiped and broken.

In the autumn and winter, on the other hand, using a hair dryer after washing is usually advisable. For obvious reasons, hair dries slower then, and it’s worth drying your hair half-drying it, even if you have enough patience. But more importantly, walking in wet hair at this time of year and falling asleep in wet hair can have a very negative impact on our sinuses. To keep your hair healthy while you’re drying, just turn on the summer air or buy a hair dryer with an Ionisation function.

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