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How to brush your hair without damaging them?

hair brushing

Are you someone who already rocks amazing hair, or are you only just beginning the road to beautiful, healthy and shiny hair? In both cases, it’s a good idea to look at the often-underestimated subject of proper hair brushing, which has a significant impact on the look and condition of your hair. Learning about this topic can really surprise you. Even more so as few women realise how important it is to have a regular and proper hair brushing routine, to ensure a perfect hairstyle every day.

Advantages of brushing your hair

While hair brushing can be considered a minor and insignificant activity, the truth is quite the opposite. By performing the process correctly, you and your hair gain many benefits. Regular and consistent brushing is not only about smoothing and detangling, it’s also an effective way to improve the appearance of your hair, add shine by evenly distributing sebum and finally improve blood supply to the scalp, so that the hair strands grow faster and are more nourished.

A comb or brush, which one to use?

Choosing the right tool to use with your hair is essential. A brush is ideal for Brushing dry hair. But you should never use it on wet hair. There are also special wide-toothed combs to help you tidy up your wet hair without unnecessarily tugging. You can always aid the process by using a good conditioner. When choosing a hairbrush, you should also be aware that any brush with plastic bristles not only tugs, but also pulls your hair out.

hair brushing

It is worth investing in good quality, Natural bristle brush. Brushes made of real wild boar bristles, which include one of the main hair building elements, i.e. keratin, work very well. Why is it so important to choose natural bristles? Because they help stimulate hair growth and protect them from damage.

How to brush your hair correctly?

The best thing to do, is to brush your hair for about 5 minutes each day. You can do so just after getting out of bed and before your morning coffee. Brush your hair all the way through, Starting at the ends. This way you are removing any tangling and hair knots. As you brush along, gradually move higher to the top of your head. The final step is to lean your head downwards and brush your hair from the roots, in this case from the neck to the ends.

Also, remember to comb the sides of your head. The movements themselves should be firm, but gentle. Brushing too hard can cause Excessive sebum production, resulting in greasy hair. In addition to the correct brushing technique, it’s also important to repeat this routine consistently and regularly to ensure the best results.

So, if regular hair brushing hasn’t been your strongest point so far, it’s worth turning this into a daily care ritual that will keep your hair nourished, shiny and pleasantly fluffy. You’ll feel even more beautiful and feminine by brushing your hair with a little bit of mindfulness.

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