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The glow style makeup – characteristics, cosmetics, accessories

glow makeup

After the fad for the ultranatural, invisible nude makeup, the next thing is the glow makeup, which is right now considered to be the most trendy one. It is perfect for the carnival and for the spring. The glow make-up is supposed to make us younger, add glow to our skin, conceal imperfections such as horseshoes under eyes or uneven skin coloring.

The glow makeup – the characteristics

What is the glow style makeup like? Contrary to a popular belief, it doesn’t provide a baroque or grand-ball type of image, but it can be successfully worn at parties, during carnival, when going out in the evening, as well as in everyday life – if we choose the lighter version of it. It is also referred to as the Celebrity makeup, as it’s the favorite makeup trend of the red carpet artists. It was created by Kim Kardashian, who puts emphasis on fair complexion that is full of energy and without any sign of fatigue.

To apply a glow make-up, we shall above all use a highlighter and other highlighting cosmetics. They may contain particles of gold and silver, or foil or metallic finishings. When choosing them, however, we need to remember about moderation. When Using a highlighter, we can stick to a regular foundation and solidifying powder without highlighting accents. The glow makeup should also be kept in a single tone, which means we either go for silver and cold highlighting or choose warm, sunny golden shades of our cosmetics.

What to avoid when applying the glow makeup

Matting foundation and matting shadows. There is no need to use additional highlighting foundation if we already have a base with such properties on our face. The foundation, however, cannot be completely matting. A cosmetic of this type, despite providing better coverage, puts strain on complexion and makes the skin seem dry.

We can use our favorite everyday foundation with the complexion’s natural shade. It should be of light enough texture and should moisturize. Eye shadows, on the other hand, shouldn’t have a matte finishing, as they will make an unpleasant contrast to the glow of other cosmetics.

glow makeup

The glow makeup – what may come in handy

If you want to stick to the glow makeup for a longer time, you should get yourself the best cosmetics and accessories for applying it. These are:

  • Soft sponge for applying cosmetics – it ensures an even distribution of the foundation or highlighting the contour of the face, as well as makes it easier to make shadows. Before applying the cosmetic, it is the best to wet the sponge with water, which will make the makeup wet and lightweight, with the highlighter giving it the characteristics of tiles.
  • Moisturizing cream – this is actually the basis of every makeup, but make sure that you have it in your cosmetic bag. Before the makeup, we don’t apply any oily or regenerating cream to the skin of our face. The day cream or under-makeup cream is supposed to provide intense moisturizing and protect the skin from drying and from influence of harmful external factors. It will make the makeup more durable, lightweight and capable of absorbing colored cosmetics.
  • Base – The foundation base provides additional moisturizing and makes the makeup more durable. You may pick a highlighting base, but in such case you should go easy on other cosmetics. Remember not to use a base everyday, as it tends to clog pores.
  • Highlighter – an absolute essential. For a wet glow type makeup, the stick or cream version is the best. We consistently use it to highlight the cheekbones, the nose base between eyebrows, the area above the brow ridges and the Cupid’s bow (the groove above the upper lip). After the highlighter, we apply rouge and bronzer for contouring.
  • Highlighting corrector under the eyes – it will distract from the horseshoes and won’t make the skin dry.
  • Lip gloss – preferably a translucent, sticky highlighting gloss. We should avoid matte lipsticks.

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