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Let’s pick fake eyelashes – the classics or clusters?

fake eyelashes

Despite the variety of mascaras and eyelash thickening options offered by beauticians, fake lashes remain popular. We can find them at every drugstore. They will instantly make our gaze look more attractive and seductive. A question arises, though, of which of them to choose – the classics or clusters? How to apply them properly?

Wearing fake lashes everyday and on special occasions

A vast majority of women don’t wear fake eyelashes, at least not everyday. We go for traditional mascara application, as this form of eyelash makeup seems much more aesthetic and natural to us. Fake lashes are very easy to spot, just like their poor application.

On top of that, there’s always the risk that the lashes will come off, will be sticking out awkwardly or even give us a dangerous eye infection. Wearing them is certainly something that people with allergies should think twice about. The shortcoming here is not in the lashes themselves, obviously, but in the composition of a toxic glue that we use to apply them, as well as Lash removal preparations.

So far, there’s not a whole lot speaking in favor of wearing fake lashes, and yet drugstores carry quite impressive supplies of them. On top of that, gluing eyelashes on is a pretty popular procedure in beauty salons. Fake lashes enjoy popularity not only during the New Year and carnival seasons. Plenty of women use them everyday, as the effect they can achieve using mascara is not enough for them. Indeed, there’s only so much that a mascara can change to the appearance of eyes if the lashes are naturally thin and without volume, and on top of that so stiff that it’s hard to curl them up.

How to look good with fake lashes?

We match the fake lashes to the Shape of eyes and the potential flaws around them (like drooping eyelids), as well as in terms of their thickness. Striped lashes indeed don’t look very natural, that’s why we can choose cluster eyelashes that are glued on individually. In such case, we can modify the lash thickness however we please and graduate it depending on our needs, gluing on both shorter and Longer clusters.

Such treatment will help us optically enlarge our eyes or make the wide space between them smaller. It is the best to leave gluing clusters on to a beautician or a stylist – when applied professionally, they can stay on our lashes for as long as several weeks. Striped lashes, on the other hand, are way easier to glue on by ourselves at home, and the results are usually the same as at a salon.

fake eyelashes

We should just keep in mind that, when using clusters, we don’t need to glue the lashes on at the entire eyelid width, and only by the outer eye corner.

The improved lashes can of course have mascara applied on them, but all in the right order – first mascara, then fake lashes.

The art of gluing fake lashes on

Gluing the lashes on is the last makeup stage. We apply them on lashes with mascara and on an eye with eyeliner already on. Clusters are best to be applied with tweezers, dipping them beforehand in a small amount of dedicated glue. We glue the lashes to the eyelid skin and not to our natural lashes. To make sure the glue is not visible, it’s a good idea to run an eyeliner along the line of eyelashes.

What instead of fake lashes?

Regardless of the benefits of using clusters, we should keep in mind that there are also other, less invasive methods of making lashes look prettier. The glue used to apply fake lashes and just wearing lashes for a prolonged time might contribute to infections around the eye, have a harmful impact on the condition of the cornea and conjunctiva, as well as irritate and cause allergic reactions. Which makes it a good idea to look up safe extension and thickening methods, Like magnetic lashes or eyelash lifting.

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