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Face highlighters – how to use them?

face highlighter

For a makeup to catch an eye in the grey, autumn aura, it’s necessary to add something special – a glam. Skillfully applied highlighter will make us look younger and fresher, despite the unpleasant weather. It’s really simple!

Face highlighter – an invention of last years?

Makeup trends change like a kaleidoscope – every season we meet completely new styles, which most of us follow. Looking a few years in the past you could see completely different picture from what’s trendy nowadays – then a hit was an expressive, very eye-catching makeup with intensive colors.

Today on the faces of women all around the world the Nude colors dominate – even in the case of an evening makeup. Most of us prefer our everyday makeup with a matt finish, minimalism, while the ‘blink-blink’ is left for some special occasions. The only exception is the highlighter – product we cannot imagine a makeup without.

But is it for me?

Despite your skin type, highlighter will complement your makeup in an exquisite way. All you have to know is where to apply it, and you can work wonders – highlighting cosmetics are one of the fundaments of a face contouring, which is revealing what’s best with simultaneous covering of the imperfections. Skillful light play in makeup creation can diminish a too-big nose, emphasize barely visible cheekbones, or revive a tired look.

face highlighter

How to correctly apply your face highlighter?

The proper application technique depends on the product’s consistency – market offers loose, pressed and transparent ones. Highlighters usually have two color shade options: cold and warm. Although, more and more common are getting cosmetics with slightly crazier shades, e. g. blue or pink. Even though many make-up artists recommend choosing a highlighter temperature matched to your complexion, it doesn’t hurt to go crazy once in a while.

When a highlighter brings more disadvantages?

There are some situations in which we should skip the application of a highlighter. Keep in mind that this kind of cosmetic has a highlighting effect – it draws attention to the certain parts on which it’s applied.

If you have more imperfections, the skin is irritated or red, skip this step in your Makeup routine. The principal for a highlighter to look great is a healthy, flawless skin.

Some tips and tricks

Now it’s time to say where should we apply a bit of this flirtatious shine. In theory – everything depends on you, therefore, if you have a vision of your dream makeup, you can apply the highlighter wherever you want.

However, there are some optical illusion tricks, to make it our ally:

  • Cheekbones
    This is the part, where we should definitely apply some highlighter if we want to slender our face. Apply it on the top of the cheekbones using a small brush. It’s best when the face highlighter has a well-chosen bronzer and a blush in its vicinity – then the effect will be stunning.
  • Inner corners of your eyes
    It’s a simple trick to optically open an eye and give it some freshness, even when we are tired. Apply a little amount of a highlighter with a small ball brush or a finger to the inner corners of your eyes already after applying eye shadows. No other makeup cosmetic will add so much brightness to your eyes!
  • Cupid’s bow
    Another trick is to apply some highlighter in the place where the upper lip bends, on the so-called cupid’s bow. In this way we will obtain an optical lip enlargement and emphasize a lipstick.
  • Nasal bridge
    By applying a thin line along the nose, we will make it look slimmer. If we want to Intensify the effect, apply a bit of bronzer on the nose wings.
  • Under the eyebrow arch
    You will Optically raise the falling eyebrows, when you sprinkle the space under the eyebrows with a little bit of a light cosmetic.


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