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Makeup base – how often can you use it?

effect of makeup base

The main functions of the base are to facilitate even application of colored cosmetics and to extend the durability of makeup. Many women find this product unnecessary, others think it should be applied too often. If you have similar doubts, we encourage you to learn more about it first.

Makeup base – one more layer?

Makeup artists love makeup bases. The base evens skin tone and surface, partially Masks imperfections, and finally, makes other colored cosmetics hold longer and better. If this is the case, why do so many women skip the base in everyday makeup? In the past, bases were considered to be bad for the skin because they allegendly “clogged” pores.

Effect of makeup base – perfectly smooth skin, but at the cost of subsequent skin problems, such as blackheads and blemishes. Now it’s time to change your opinion on makeup bases. The new generation products are not only for make-up, but have also Nourishing properties.

The effects of make-up bases

The base is designed to prepare your skin for application of other colored cosmetics, especially foundation, concealer, eye shadows and highlighter. The foundation and powder spread much better on the skin previously treated with the base, there are no stains, the make-up does not rub off, and it wears off less. The base can also be used under eye shadows (this is a separate category of cosmetics). The eye shadows will stick more tightly to the eyelid and will last for a longer time without smudging.

In addition, any good base significantly improves the skin condition. Matting bases regulate the amount of sebum secreted, close the pores and make the skin less shiny. Such bases are recommended for people with oily and combination skin. Other bases conceal circles under the eyes well, and also reduce redness and blemishes. As a result, the complexion looks much better before applying the foundation and concealer.

effect of makeup base

However, these are not all the properties of the base. The product helps maintain moisture in the skin and protects it from external factors, including the harmful effects of substances contained in colored cosmetics. It also protects against sun rays and wind, air pollution and cold. As a result, the base strengthens the protective functions of the skin, nourishes it and prevents moisture loss.

This is where the answer to the question comes – how often can we use a makeup base? A good quality base should be used every day, even if our makeup is subtle and we do not use the entire range of cosmetics for it. Currently, more and more women are giving up foundation in favor of makeup bases, assuming that it gives Better results and at the same time cares for the skin.

How to apply a make-up base?

Experts argue that make-up bases can and should be used daily. If you want to include a base in your make-up, be sure to pat your Moisturizing day cream before applying it. Only then apply the base and pat it in similarly to the cream. You need a small amount that you rub in the directions from the center to the edge of the face.

When the base is absorbed, you can reach for more cosmetics, such as foundation, concealers, highlighter, or blush, if you use them. Perform evening make-up removal as usual – the base does not make it difficult to Remove make-up or clean pores.

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