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Ten steps of daily skincare according to Korean women

Daily skincare of Korean women

Korean women are known for their light, flawless and radiant skin. This effect is not only due to their natural beauty, but also to their care -frequently time consuming and complicated. It’s divided into individual steps and stages, in which many cosmetics are used, but when applied systematically, it will give brilliant results.

Daily skincare of Korean women

Women from korea rely on complex skin care. During their daily rituals in the bathroom they also follow the order of application of cosmetics. This rigour and cosmetic abundance at the same time allow them to get rid of various skin problems and create the so-called “chok-chok” effect, to illuminate the complexion to the maximum. Charlotte Cho wrote about this type of care in her book “Secrets of Korean Beauty. The primer of care”.

The list of steps is fairly clear. Importantly cleaning, treatment and hydration are essential, but not every one of these ten steps should be used daily.

Step one – facial cleansing with Cleansing oil

We can use the Cleansing oil itself or use it in an water solution, artelnatively we can use a special washing oil-based cosmetic. Washing with oil removes makeup, excess sebum and impurities and at the same time prevents skin dryness.

Step two – facial cleansing with A water-based cosmetic

A water-based cosmetic will be any gel or foam for cleaning. What’s essential is that only mild detergents should be chosen for this stage, and their formula should be adjusted to the needs of the skin.

Step three – peeling

We do it once or Twice a week, morning or evening. The peeling cleanses the skin much deeper than Daily cleansing, helps to regulate the sebaceous glands, exfoliates dead epidermis. It is extremely important to match the peeling to your skin type. Owners of oily and thick skin can use mechanical peeling. While sensitive, delicate and thin skin will like the enzymatic cosmetic much more.

Interestingly, Korean women prefer yet another type of peeling, namely chemical peeling with acids. It is good for oily or acne-prone skin, normal or mature, so it is relatively universal.

Daily skincare of Korean women

Step four – toning

At this stage we use a classic tonic, a handmade herbal or hydrolate-based tonic. Toning is a step that cannot be missed as it restores the Skin’s proper pH disturbed during washing.

Step five – use of the essence

At this point we move on to the treatment stage. The essence is a fairly light cosmetic with a concentrated content of active ingredients. We can use it daily, because it has a very beneficial effect on the condition of the skin – it moisturizes it, evens the color, prevents the formation of wrinkles. Korean women love it!

Step six – usage of the serum

The serum is slightly similar to the essence, but has a more active and powerful effect, so it’s not recommended to use it daily or only periodically, for example when you want to Hydrate your skin after winter.

Step seven – mask in the sheet

Another cosmetic hit that Korean women made popular. It’s best to use it once or mostly Twice a week.

Step eight – skin treatment under the eyes

This is a separate step, because the skin under the eyes requires slightly different care than the rest of the face. We can apply a specially designed cream, gel or oil under the eyes to prevent the deepening of wrinkles and relax the skin.

Step nine – moisturizing cream

The last stage of daily care is Moisturization. The simplest thing to do here is to use the chosen moisturising cream, but we can also use an oil, gel or night mask.

Step ten – protection from the sun

In the morning we finish our care with the application of the cream with SPF filter. Korean women don’t like sunbathing, but such a cream protects them from the destructive effects of sunlight in terms of skin aging and water loss.

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