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Cruelty free cosmetics – what is it about?

cruelty free cosmetics

There is no shortage of vegan cosmetics lovers, what is more – we keep paying more and more attention to the composition of the products we buy. The vegan ones (or cruelty-free), which means not containing animal-based substances, as well as not tested on animals, are not only safe for our skin, but also environmentally-friendly. Why is it so important? Every day, we hear about things happening around us, especially now. If you still don’t know how you could contribute to saving the environment, start with things like replacing your cosmetics.

Traditional cosmetics versus vegan products

Among the most popular animal-based ingredients are royal jelly, snail slime, retinol, propolis and placenta. You may probably know the ones found in creams: hyaluronic acid and collagen, which are harvested from things like bovine eyeballs or fish skins. Cruelty free cosmetics utilize only plant and mineral extracts, as well as Herbal extracts.

If a product is labeled with a vegan pictograph, you will not find a single animal-based ingredient in it. The most popular lists of cosmetics without any animal-based substances are published by PETA, BUAV, NAVS and OK Club!.

Ingredients that CANNOT be present in vegan cosmetics

  • collagen – it mostly comes from pig tissues, from animal skin or bones;
  • elastin – harvested from cow and bird tissues;
  • ambergris – it is a hardened secretion from a whale’s digestive tract and is caused by the animal having indigestions;
  • keratin – a protein produced by epidermal cells in mammals;
  • lanolin – animal wax produced by sebaceous glands of such animals as sheep, rabbits and camels;
  • musk – aromatic substance obtained from anal glands of muscats or musk deer;
  • civet – glandular secretion from mammals in the viverridae family;
  • chitosan – harvested from crustacean shells;
  • silk – obtainer through boiling of silkworms.
cruelty free cosmetics

What ingredients are contained in vegan cosmetics?

Cosmetics for vegans are most likely to contain such ingredients as: aloe vera, chamomile, algae extract, yarrow and chrysarobinum. This kind of cosmetics can also be divided according to the skin type. If you have a dry skin, the best ingredients for you will be aloe vera and chamomile, as they alleviate irritations and moisturize skin.

For oily and sensitive skin, the perfect choice is chrysarobinum – it also alleviates skin irritations, as well as helps treat acne. The combination skin type should be Provided with diverse ingredients, moisturizing and alleviating alike.

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