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Use of Aloe Vera in skin care

aloe vera in skin care

Aloe vera is a very popular ingredient in natural beauty products. In addition to whole lines of products based on aloe vera juice, gel or pulp, it can be found in the formulations of many face and body care products. Its popularity is associated with the extraordinary properties of aloe vera. So why use beauty products containing aloe vera?

Effects of aloe vera in skin care

  • perfectly moisturises the skin,
  • provides the skin with essential nutrients,
  • has a softening effect on the skin,
  • reduces inflammation,
  • soothes sun-damaged skin,
  • helps treat burns and wounds,
  • reduces itching and burning of the skin,
  • soothes irritation after waxing and shaving,
  • improves the skin’s blood supply,
  • eases discomfort caused by insect bites,
  • has a skin smoothing effect,
  • reduces the appearance of stretch marks,
  • helps treat acne, psoriasis and eczema,
  • shows anti-inflammatory effects,
  • reduces swelling,
  • slows down the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi,
  • strengthens the nail plate,
  • minimizes enlarged pores.
aloe vera in skin care

Aloe vera in DIY skin care

Moisturiser base
If you want to effectively moisturise your skin, you can apply aloe vera gel before a face moisturiser. Apply a small amount to clean and dry skin, then apply your face moisturiser immediately after. Your skin will be pleasantly soft, smooth and well hydrated.

Oil base
Plant oils do not provide the skin with complete hydration, so it is worth mixing them with humectants. Aloe vera is perfect for this and makes a great oil base. Apply it to cleansed and dried skin and then apply your favourite oil. The skin will gain moisture, softness, smoothness and excellent protection against external factors.

SOS for imperfections
Aloe vera can be used as spot-on treatment for so-called surprises, meaning all kinds of pimples. For this purpose, you can choose either aloe vera gel or fresh pulp from aloe vera leaves.

Compress for burns and irritation
You can also apply aloe vera to sun-irritated skin, burns and wounds. To do this, use aloe vera gel or aloe vera pulp. But remember not to apply aloe vera to infected and deep wounds without first consulting your doctor.

Face mask
You can also use aloe vera as a face mask that will not only moisturise the skin, but will also soothe, calm irritation, relieve itchy skin and reduce puffiness. Simply apply aloe vera gel to clean and dry skin and after 10 to 15 minutes, remove any excess using a cotton pad soaked in micellar water. After removing any excess from the skin, don’t forget to apply a moisturiser or face oil.

Remember to check
When choosing an aloe vera gel to use on your skin, choose one that will contain the least amount of additives, and preferably choose one that does not contain them at all. Do the same with aloe vera juice – the less ingredients and the more natural the composition, the better.

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